Registered with CRA under Business License No: 002288767 Since June 15, 2011

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Ranbaj Canada Corporate Services Inc. has been founded by Mrs. Jasdeep Kaur Mann as “Director” of the corporation. It is registered with CRA under business license No: 002288767 since dated June 15, 2011 having its commercial head office in Brampton at Suite 303, 7900 Hurontario Street, Brampton, ON L6Y 0P6.

The idea behind the venture was to provide top of the line dental treatment to the NRI clients with an integrated and personalized approach. The Ultimate goal was to generate revenue for Canada by providing dental treatment to the Canadian citizens/residents visiting India and dental education to the internationally trained dentists aspiring to become licensed for practicing in Canada, USA & Australia. This way revenue was generated by providing services overseas on which taxes were paid to the government of Canada and investment was done in Toronto, hence making it beneficial for the economic development of the country.

Websites under the names, and have been promoting the cause of Medical/ dental tourism as well as continuing dental education programs.

Ranbaj Canada Corporate Services Inc.(Canada) has achieved its targets in providing internationally standardized dental healthcare to the patients visiting India from Canada and all because of the forthright vision, outstanding professional and administrative ability of Dr Randeep Mann.

That way Ranbaj Canada Corporate Services Inc. office in India has been able to very well generate business for the company justifying Dr Randeep Singh Mann’s involvement and availability with company’s Indian operations.

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Our Happy Clients

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Michelle Gervais Toronto, Canada

I had the pleasure of being Dr. Randeep Mann's patient for dental implants. I wish I could have the use of a billboard to let the world know what a jewel of a periodontist this man is. He inspired trust right from the first moment I met him. He is so confident and assured.

Michelle Gervais Toronto, Canada
Mr. Rakesh

I must congratulate Ranbaj Hospital in diagnosing all my dental conditions to a recoverable position so promptly, where even the top consultants failed to support through various hospitals in UK.

Mr. Rakesh
Mr. Mehra

I had a successful root canal treatment at Ranbaj and also enjoyed the benefits of dental tourism which helped me in recovering fast.

Mr. Mehra