Registered with CRA under Business License No: 002288767 Since June 15, 2011

→ Ranbaj Canada corporate Services Inc. and Ranbaj Canada Corporate Services (India)

→ Ranbaj Canada corporate Services Inc and StarQuest

Services provided :

StarQuest will manage and/or deliver and/or facilitate( though registered legal entities as required by laws and rules) for the dental and related courses students/graduates referred from RCCSI to prepare them for application for a Canadian Visa in the following areas:
1. For the appropriate Language assessment tests as required by Canadian rules( Including but not limited to IELTS, Duolingo, French, Spoken English etc).
2. In the process of required documents collation for application as required by the Canadian Authorities from time to time.
3. in providing all assistance in explaining the required procedures through online contact, telephonic conversation and or physical seminars as requested by RCCSI from time to time.
4. In providing soft skill coaching on life skill/Placement skill enhancement programs as required.

Services provided:

→ Ranbaj Canada corporate Services Inc and House Of Atarxia

Services provided :

1. Brand Imaging
2. Digital Marketing and other marketing tasks.
3. Social Media Management
4. Film Making
5. Web Development
6. Medical Transcription
7. Photography
8. Cinematography

9. Appointment maintenance
10. Payment Portal Maintenance
11. Graphic Designing
12. Media Management
13. Event Media Management
14. Printed Media Development
15. Content Curation